SVCP - Presentation to Council - April 27, 2009






The components of the Steveston Village Conservation Program (SVCP) include:

Report To Council

§         Staff propose to bring the SVCP to Council on Monday, April 27, 2009


Summary of the SVCP (Attachment 1)


Steveston Village Conservation Strategy (Attachment 2)


Steveston Village Implementation Program (Attachments 3-10) which includes:

§         A Generic Heritage Conservation Tool Kit For BC Municipalities with templates (Attachment 3)

§         A Steveston Village Heritage Conservation Tool Kit which includes short and long term model “Shelf Ready” tools (Attachment 4) including:

-          A model new “Steveston Village Conservation (SC) District,”

-          A model Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA),

-          A model Heritage Conservation Covenant (for buildings and land),

-          A model Heritage Conservation Covenant (for landscaping),

-          A model Resolution Authorizing Heritage Inspection,

-          A model Heritage Permissive Tax Exemptions By-law,

-          A model Revitalization Permissive Tax Exemption By-law,

§         Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada, Parks Canada (Attachment 5),

§         The Steveston Village Heritage Conservation Grant Program (Attachment 6)

§         Heritage Bylaws for Immediate Approval (Attachment 7):

-          Heritage Procedures Bylaw 8400 (a long term bylaw),

-          Heritage Control Period Bylaw 8401 (lasts for up to one year)

-          Building Regulation Amendment Bylaw 8402 (a long term bylaw),

§         Steveston Area Plan Amendment Bylaw 8403 (Attachment 8):

§         Zoning Amendment Bylaw 8404, “Steveston Commercial (Two-Storey) District (C4)” (Attachment 9)

§         Zoning Amendment Bylaw 8405, “Steveston Commercial (Three-Storey) District (C5)” (Attachment 10).