May 18, 2016 - Minutes

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City of Richmond Meeting Minutes


Public Works and Transportation Committee




Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Anderson Room
Richmond City Hall


Councillor Chak Au, Chair
Councillor Harold Steves, Vice-Chair
Councillor Derek Dang
Councillor Ken Johnston
Councillor Alexa Loo

Call to Order:

The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.






It was moved and seconded



That the minutes of the meeting of the Public Works and Transportation Committee held on April 20, 2016, be adopted as circulated.









June 22, 2016, (tentative date) at 4:00 p.m. in the Anderson Room






Integrated Rainwater Resource Management Strategy
(File Ref. No. 10-6060-04-01) (REDMS No. 4506764 v. 9; 4999054)



Lloyd Bie, Manager, Engineering Planning, confirmed that the City is considering many strategies for water detention and these locations are being determined based on how they fit with the current ecological strategy.  He also noted that it is very unlikely that the number of ditches in residential areas would increase as a result of the strategy.



The Committee expressed support for the report and also offered suggestions for future improvements, which included:




Connecting the day lighting of the Terra Nova slough to the river, which is currently blocked by the City pump stations.




Adjusting the frequency of the pumping system to allow the farmers to use the excess rainwater for irrigation instead of pumping the water out.




Placing restrictions on the development of landfills on farmlands anywhere in Richmond.




Finding other locations for irrigation systems while taking into account the protection of environmentally sensitive areas.



In reply to queries from the Committee, Mr. Bie noted that redevelopment in areas is assisting in rerouting the drainage of rainwater from one lot to another.  He also commented that the City of Richmond assists in situations where this problem is occurring by putting a connection in to the lot to help offset drainage of water.  



The Committee then noted that it would be useful to have the report available on the City’s website in a location aside from the agenda.



It was moved and seconded



That the “Integrated Rainwater Resource Management Strategy” as attached to the staff report titled “Integrated Rainwater Resource Management Strategy,” dated April 29, 2016, from the Director, Engineering be endorsed for the purpose of public consultation.






2015 Water Quality Report
(File Ref. No. 10-6375-01) (REDMS No. 4986542 v. 3)



Bryan Shepherd, Manager, Waterworks, confirmed that there has been a decrease in water consumption in Richmond even though we have experienced an increase in population.  He attributes the reduction in per capita water consumption to education, conservation, toilet rebates, and the washing machine rebate. 



It was moved and seconded



That the staff report titled “2015 Annual Water Quality Report” dated April 19, 2016 from the Director, Public Works Operations, be endorsed and made available to the community through the City’s website and through various communication tools including social media and as part of community outreach activities.






Alexandra District Energy Utility Bylaw no. 8641 Amendment Bylaw 9555
(File Ref. No. 10-6600-10-02) (REDMS No. 4981005 v. 10)



It was moved and seconded



That the Alexandra District Energy Utility Bylaw No. 8641, Amendment Bylaw No. 9555 be introduced and given first, second and third readings.









Endorsement of Bike Right Initiative
(File Ref. No. 10-6460-01) (REDMS No. 4984231)



It was moved and seconded




That the proposed Bike Right Provincial Framework for Cycling Education as outlined in the staff report titled “Endorsement of Bike Right Initiative” dated April 20, 2016 from the Director, Transportation, be endorsed;




That a letter indicating the City’s support of the Bike Right Provincial Framework for the Cycling Education Initiative be sent to the Premier of British Columbia and the Ministers of Children & Family Development, Environment, Health, and Transportation & Infrastructure; and




That a copy of above report be forwarded to the Richmond Council-School Board Liaison Committee for information.








Public Works Open House



Tom Stewart, Director, Public Works Operations, advised that the Public Works Open House was a success and that a report on the event will be brought forward to the Committee.






It was moved and seconded



That the meeting adjourn (4:13 p.m.).





Certified a true and correct copy of the Minutes of the meeting of the Public Works and Transportation Committee of the Council of the City of Richmond held on Wednesday, May 18, 2016.



Councillor Chak Au

Shaun Divecha
Legislative Services Coordinator