January 17, 2011 - Minutes

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City of Richmond Meeting Minutes

General Purposes Committee





Monday, January 17, 2011



Anderson Room

Richmond City Hall



Mayor Malcolm D. Brodie, Chair

Councillor Linda Barnes

Councillor Derek Dang

Councillor Sue Halsey-Brandt

Councillor Ken Johnston

Councillor Bill McNulty

Councillor Harold Steves



Councillor Evelina Halsey-Brandt

Councillor Greg Halsey-Brandt


Call to Order:

The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.








It was moved and seconded



That the minutes of the meeting of the General Purposes Committee held on Tuesday, January 4, 2011, be adopted as circulated.







2011 Operating Budget

(File Ref. No.:) (REDMS No. 3077657)



Andrew Nazareth, General Manager, Business and Financial Services, accompanied by Jerry Chong, Director, Finance, circulated additional supporting documentation pertaining to:




Attachment 1 - 2011 Same Level of Service Budget - before proposed reductions (attached as Schedule 1 to these minutes). It was noted that the supporting document provided further explanation relating to the break down of revenue increases and loss; and




Attachment 2 - 2011 Additional Level Requests (None Recommended at this time) (attached as Schedule 2 to these minutes).



A discussion then ensued about the following matters:




holding a weekly Finance Committee meeting until the finalization of the budget;




further prioritization of the high, medium and low priorities referenced in Attachment 2 (2011 Additional Level Requests that are not recommended at this time);




the risk associated with utilizing surplus funds.  It was noted that it would be a calculated risk that was reasonably mitigated;




the accumulated surplus funds from previous years as well as the utilization of surplus funds;




the previous budget cuts as referenced in Attachment 3 - (2009 Budget Cost Reductions/Revenue Increases approved by Council), it was noted that the 2009 items were considered permanent budget cuts;




the rationale for the additional level funding requests that are not recommended at this time, including funding related to: (i) a youth worker for City Centre, Hamilton and Sea Island Community Centres, (ii) Wildlife Management, (iii) RCMP Administration, (iv) City Wide Parks, and (v) contributions made to Fleet;




the feasibility of the Alexandra District Energy Utility contributing as a future revenue source for the City.  It was noted that revenues generated through the Utility would be used to pay for costs related to infrastructure of the Utility;




the types of challenges and limits associated with generating new sources of revenue for the City;




the approximate amount of revenue generated through the Casino funding; and




establishment of an RCMP provisional account.



It was moved and seconded



That the 2011 Operating Budget as presented in the staff report dated January 10, 2011, from the Director of Finance, be referred back to staff to provide:




a fully prioritized listing of the Additional Level Requests in Attachment 2;




further information on the surplus projections for 2010 as well as the accumulated surplus;




a list of reserve funds;




the amounts received through Casino funding and the past application of those revenues;




further information on the following 2011 additional level requests as listed in supplemental document to Attachment 2 - (provided to Committee at the meeting, and attached to the minutes as schedule 2):





City Wide Parks - No. 6 on the Supplemental Document;





Community And Recreation Services Administration - No. 2;





RCMP Administration - No. 5;





Wildlife Management - No. 8;





Contributions to Fleet - No. 11; and




an update on the status and impact of the reductions listed in Attachment 3 - the 2009 Budget Cost Reductions/Revenue Increases Approved by Council.



The question on the motion was not called as a brief discussion took place regarding the impact on existing staff resulting from vacant positions.



The question on the motion was then called and it was CARRIED.





Tall Ships® Richmond 2011

(File Ref. No.:  11-7400-35-01) (REDMS No. 3105333)



Andrew Nazareth, General Manager, Business and Financial Services, Dave Semple, General Manager, Parks and Recreation, Anne Stevens, Senior Manager, Enterprises Services Division, and Sandi Swanigan, Manager, Major Events Development were available to answer questions. 



A discussion ensued about:




the positive aspects associated with deferring the Tall Ships Richmond 2011 event to 2014.  It was noted that the additional time would allow the City to  (i) book appropriate vessels, as world class ships are booked two to three years in advance, (ii) build up a sponsorship base for the event, and (iii) develop the necessary infrastructure to receive incoming vessels;




the feasibility of having an annual maritime event;




the status of the funds allocated to the Tall Ships Richmond 2011 event; 




the ships that have already been invited to the event and the associated impact of deferring the event until 2014;




the feasibility of having ships visit in 2011 and hosting a smaller maritime event in Steveston;




staff’s view on the type of planning and support that may be provided by sponsors;




the feasibility of developing a steering committee and integrating community volunteers for the event;




the construction of an infrastructure at the BC Packers building to receive ships in the winter;




the revisions to the budget for the event, as well as an outline related to the proposed maritime event for 2011 were forthcoming; and




the status of the grant applications submitted for the Tall Ships Richmond 2011 event.



During the discussion, Committee requested staff to provide information related to (i) a break down of the funding already spent on Tall Ships Richmond 2011; and (ii) the contractual obligations with the ships that have already booked their passage to Richmond for 2011.



It was moved and seconded




That Tall Ships® Richmond 2011 be deferred until 2014;




That Council approve a 2011 maritime festival season that begins in June and features a selection of the confirmed ships and also includes the reinstatement of the Richmond Maritime Festival in August; and




That staff report back with details on the status of (i) the funding previously allocated for Tall Ships Richmond 2011; (ii) Maritime Special Event for 2011 and subsequent years; and (iii) the status of Capital Projects mentioned in the report Tall Ships Richmond 2011, dated January 14, 2011 from the General Manager, Business and Financial Services.



The question on the motion was not called as further discussion took place about contractual obligations for the capital projects.  It was noted that the contracts may be cancelled, however a penalty may be applicable.  Staff were requested to bring forward any such urgent matters to the next Council meeting, to be held on Monday, January 24th, 2011. 



The question on the motion was then called and it was CARRIED.










It was moved and seconded



That the meeting adjourn (5:31 p.m.).








Certified a true and correct copy of the Minutes of the meeting of the General Purposes Committee of the Council of the City of Richmond held on Monday, January 17, 2010.



Mayor Malcolm D. Brodie


Shanan Dhaliwal

Executive Assistant

City Clerk’s Office