November 23, 2004 Agenda

City of Richmond Meeting Agenda

Public Notice is hereby given of a Special Council Meeting for Public Hearings being held on:


Tuesday, November 23rd - 7 pm

Council Chambers, 1st Floor

Richmond City Hall

6911 No. 3 Road

Richmond, BC  V6Y 2C1









Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 7794




City of Richmond




City of Richmond




To amend Schedules 1 and 2 of the Official Community Plan to enable the Council of the City of Richmond to:




·                     define aircraft noise sensitive development:




Aircraft Noise Sensitive Development Definitions”

Use Category



defined as all residential uses, including live/work and work/live uses, nursing homes.


defined as public and private places in which K-12 education is offered, as per provincial requirements.

Day Care

defined as licensed day care uses.


defined as places which provide medical services, as per provincial requirements, where patients stay overnight or for longer periods of time.





·                     better balance aircraft noise sensitive development interests;




·          be more consistent regarding where it will and will not consider allowing aircraft noise sensitive development within the City;




·          improve aircraft noise sensitive development planning and development application requirements;






·          improve aircraft noise mitigation measures; and





·          improve public awareness regarding aircraft noise.





together with related text and map amendments which clarify:





·                     areas where aircraft noise sensitive land uses will be prohibited;





·          areas where aircraft noise sensitive land uses will be considered, which may or may not actually be allowed based upon requirements; and

·          for areas where aircraft noise sensitive land uses will be considered, requirements to better:

-          match aircraft noise sensitive land uses to aircraft noise areas;

-          mitigate indoor aircraft noise;

-          minimize aircraft noise outdoors; and





notify land owners and the public (e.g., developers, existing and potential residents) regarding the effects of aircraft noise and of the aircraft noise characteristics of areas in which they may choose to live.




First Reading:

November 8th, 2004



Order of Business:




Presentation from the applicant.




Acknowledgement of written submissions received by the City Clerk since first reading.





Victor J. Farmer, 5728 Vermilyea Court

  (b)    Larry Berg, representing the Vancouver International Airport Authority




Submissions from the floor.



Council Consideration:




Action on Second & Third Readings of Bylaw 7794.




Adoption of Bylaw 7794.