November 23, 2004 Minutes

City of Richmond Meeting Minutes


Council Chambers
Richmond City Hall
6911 No. 3 Road


Mayor Malcolm D. Brodie
Councillor Linda Barnes
Councillor Derek Dang
Councillor Evelina Halsey-Brandt
Councillor Sue Halsey-Brandt
Councillor Rob Howard
Councillor Kiichi Kumagai
Councillor Bill McNulty


David Weber, Acting City Clerk


Councillor Harold Steves

Call to Order:

Mayor Brodie opened the proceedings at 7:00 p.m.





Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 7794(City of Richmond; Applicant:  City of Richmond)



Applicant’s Comments:



The Manager, Policy Planning, Terry Crowe, briefly summarized the consultation process with the Vancouver International Airport Authority (VIAA) that had resulted in a clearer definition of aircraft noise sensitive areas.  Mr. Crowe displayed a noise contour map and indicated the different restrictions that would be attached to each zone. 



Written Submissions:



V. Farmer, 5728 Vermilyea Court – Schedule 1



L. Berg, President and Chief Executive Officer, VIAA – Schedule 2



A. Murray, Vice-President, Community and Environmental Affairs, VIAA – Schedule 3



R. Rai, 11460 Bird Road – Schedule 4



T. P. D’Aguiar – Schedule 5



D. Louth, 4140 Dallyn Road – Schedule 6



C. Bulfone, Transport Canada – Schedule 7



Mr. and Mrs. F. Lytwyn – Schedule 8



D. Johnston – Schedule 9



F. Tofin, 1406 – 6611 Minoru Blvd. – Schedule 10



Dr. J. Lu, Medical Health Officer – Schedule 11



Submissions from the floor:



Mr. Claudio Bulfone and Mr. Tom Lowry, of Transport Canada, were present.  Mr. Bulfone referred to the written submission he had provided, and elaborated on the national guidelines published on compatible land use.  Mr. Bulfone said that Transport Canada encouraged adherence to the guidelines indicating that no new residential development be allowed in areas above NEF 30.  Mr. Bulfone noted that Transport Canada was in the process of consulting with the provinces with a view to review land use guidelines and reported that the suggestion had been made that there be no new residential construction in areas above NEF 25.



Mr. Bulfone and Mr. Lowry then responded to questions of Council on such matters as liability, 24 hour airport operations, and noise abatements procedures.



Ms. Anne Murray, Vice President, Community and Environmental Affairs, Vancouver International Airport Authority (VIAA), said that the airport authority was a not-for-profit operator of the YVR, whose intention was to balance the needs of the airport and area residents.  Ms. Murray commended the Mayor and Council for recognizing the needs of the airport, and she commended staff for their hard work noting that the decisions made would have long term implications.  Ms. Murray then spoke about the economic benefits provided by the airport, and the need to look for land uses, both commercial and industrial, that would be complimentary to the airport.  Although pleased for the restrictions that the bylaw amendment imposed on some high noise areas, Ms. Murray said that the VIAA could not support the bylaw amendment because it did not adhere to the Transport Canada Guidelines.  Ms. Murray then responded to questions of Council.



Mr. D. Louth, 4140 Dallyn Road, read a written submission, a copy of which is attached as Schedule 12 and forms a part of these minutes.



Mr. Ashley Stotts, 1451 Wellington Crescent, expressed concern that Burkeville was not mentioned in the new bylaw amendment structure, and that Burkeville residents had not been included in the informal resident surveys.  Mr. Stotts then said he appreciated that the City was attempting to reduce the amount of noise exposure for its residents, and he wondered if the City could also legislate protection of its communities by not allowing noise generating facilities such as an airport hangar close to them.  Mr. Stotts said that he supported the initiative and in particular, as noted in the report, the key point that the City needed to manage noise at the source.  It was Mr. Stotts belief that an attempt should be made to separate the needs of the VIAA and the conflicts that will occur not only in Burkeville but other communities.  Mr. Stotts hoped that future consultation and discussion with Burkeville would move the process forward.



Mr. F. Letwyn, 10051 Gilmore Crescent, spoke about the affect of night flights on area residents, and he asked where help could be found for those residents.  Mr. Letwyn said that he thought the plan should be looked at again with a focus on youth and the future vision for the City and not YVR interests.



Mr. K. Jurczyk, 1251 Wellington Crescent, also said that it was unfortunate that Burkeville residents were not consulted for the policy draft.  Mr. Jurczyk then expressed his concerns about noise issues on the ground, and the fact that the airport was moving closer and closer to the Burkeville subdivision.  Mr. Jurczyk said the VIAA was planning an activity within 192 feet of the subdivision, on the last piece of greenspace, that would generate a noise level of 120 decibels or more.  Mr. Jurczyk wondered what would happen to older homes if the policy was adopted and asked if they would be phased out.



Mr. John Crawford, 3171 Douglas Crescent, said that he was surprised by the hypocritical nature of the VIAA presentation in that a hangar was going to be jammed within 192 feet of Burkeville that would also have a taxiway connected to it. 



Ms. Tracey Marten, 10011 Gilmore Crescent, read a written submission, a copy of which is attached as Schedule 13 and forms a part of these minutes.



Mr. Kaldenberg, 2120 Douglas Crescent, said that his issue was accountability, and he asked who would speak for Burkeville and the concern that a run up of planes would occur so close to the subdivision.  Mr. Kaldenberg said that he was looking to the politicians for a guarantee that noise guidelines would be in place, and that the City would support the residents of Burkeville.



Mr. Ray Walden, 10500 Dennis Crescent, said that the NEF contour map did not reflect the impact of propeller planes on the City, or the jets that fly over Highway 99 and No. 5 Road, and also over Steveston.  Mr. Walden said that the yellow areas of the map, which required more noise mitigation measures for new development than the white areas, should be expanded to reflect both new flight paths and changed flight paths.  Mr. Walden further said that he understood the City’s commitment to the OCP requirements for mitigation etc., but he questioned the VIAA’s commitment to noise mitigation when flying over south Richmond.



Mr. Barry Walsh said that he had been to several annual meetings for the airport, and he suggested that the number of flights could be cut back, which would in turn lessen the airport’s payments to the federal government.  Mr. Walsh said that he had been awakened three times the previous week, causing him to make a complaint to the VIAA, and he requested that the City put as much enthusiasm into this initiative as into other projects such as RAV.



Speaking for the second time, Mr. Walden said that his experience has shown that the south runway was used between the hours of 1 am and 5 am only, and not 12 am to 6 am as indicated by the YVR.



Mr. Jurczyk, speaking for the second time, said that 2000 jobs would not be lost at the airport as they would be relocated.



Mr. Letwyn, speaking for the second time, asked if the airport could not be shutdown until 5 am, or at least limit flights between midnight and 5 am.



It was moved and seconded



That Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 7794 be given second and third readings.






It was moved and seconded



That Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 7794 be adopted.








As a result of earlier discussion between Council members and the delegations regarding furthering communication between residents and the airport authority, the following referral motion was introduced:




It was moved and seconded



That the constitution of a committee that would include representatives of the VIAA, Burkeville, and residents living under flight paths, be referred to staff for comment.












It was moved and seconded



That the meeting adjourn (9:35 p.m.).







Certified a true and correct copy of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting for Public Hearings of the City of Richmond held on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004




Mayor (Malcolm D. Brodie)


Acting City Clerk (David Weber)