Public Hearing Minutes - Month 00, 2001


Monday, June 18, 2001


Council Chambers
Richmond City Hall
6911 No. 3 Road


Acting Mayor Linda Barnes
Councillor Malcolm Brodie
Councillor Derek Dang
Councillor Lyn Greenhill
Councillor Kiichi Kumagai
Councillor Bill McNulty
Councillor Harold Steves

David Weber, Acting City Clerk

Call to Order:

Acting Mayor Linda Barnes opened the proceedings at 7:00 p.m.

  1. ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW 7217 (RZ 96-000113)
(8131 and 8151 General Currie Road; Applicant: Creekside Architects)

Applicants Comments:


Ken Falk, Creekside Architects, 150-1450 Creekside Avenue. Mr. Falk briefly reviewed the location, which included description of the adjacent properties, and the siting of the proposed development.


Written Submissions:




Submissions from the floor:


A resident of 8111 General Currie Road expressed his concerns about the on-street parking and questioned the amount of visitor parking planned for the development.


It was moved and seconded


That Zoning Amendment Bylaw 7217 be given second and third readings.



  2. ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW 7228 (RZ 01-115799) 
(7160 St. Albans Road; Applicant: S-248 Holdings Ltd.)

Applicants Comments:


Mr. Charles Scott provided information pertaining to the adjacent properties and briefly summarized the project.


Written Submissions:




Submissions from the floor:




It was moved and seconded


That Zoning Amendment Bylaw 7228 be given second and third readings.



  3. ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW 7229 (RZ 00-184150)
(6731 and 6751 Cooney Road; Applicant: Platinum Management Inc.)

Applicants Comments:


Mr. Charles Scott provided information on the adjacent properties and briefly summarized the project.


Written Submissions:




Submissions from the floor:




It was moved and seconded


That Zoning Amendment Bylaw 7229 be given second and third readings.



  4. ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW 7232 (RZ 01-116068) 
(7751 and 7771 Lucas Road; Applicant: Les Cohen)

Applicants Comments:


Mr. Cohen was present to answer any questions that might have come forth.


Written Submissions:


Petition containing 11 signatures of opposition to the proposed rezoning Schedule 1


Lucia Lee, 7060 Lucas Road Schedule 2


Chris Ip, 7184 Lucas Road Schedule 3


Serj Sangara, 8531 Sunnywood Drive Schedule 4


Dasi Kaur, 7075 Lucas Road Schedule 5


Tan Kiok Hua, 7071 Lucas Road Schedule 6


Helen T.P. Lee, 7340 Lucas Road Schedule 7


Jackie Juan, 7371 Lucas Road Schedule 8


Penny Pahl, 7100 Lucas Road Schedule 9


Gloria T. Ko, 7400 Lucas Road Schedule 10


Trudy Smallwood, 7380 Lucas Road Schedule 11


Ulrike Eder, 8400 Sunnycroft Road Schedule 12


Hsueh Tze Huang, 7788 Lucas Road Schedule 13


Li Yik Sin, 7711 Lucas Road Schedule 14


Hung Lin Sum, 7300-7320 Lucas Road Schedule 15


H. Lin, 7591 Lucas Road Schedule 16


I. Andrews, 7120 Lucas Road Schedule 17


Wong Kin Wah, 7431 Lucas Road Schedule 18


Rebecca Lai, 7691 Lucas Road Schedule 19


Mrs. A. Gottenbos, 7440 Lucas Road Schedule 20


William Wu, 7231 Lucas Road Schedule 21


J. Pimentel, 7420 Lucas Road Schedule 22


Sui Hin Wong, 7620 Lucas Road Schedule 23


John Varley, 7540 Lucas Road Schedule 24


Louise Varley, 7460 Lucas Road Schedule 25


Marnie Horner, 7400 Lucas Road Schedule 26


Huang H. Tsai, 7688 Lucas Road Schedule 27


Johny Goh, 7360 Lucas Road Schedule 28


Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, 7351 Lucas Road Schedule 29


Susanna Ho, 7560 Lucas Road Schedule 30


Larry and Pinky Dhami, 7600 Lucas Road Schedule 31


E. Fowler, 7740 Lucas Road Schedule 32


W. Kraynyk, 7760 Lucas Road Schedule 33


Tung-Hsien Lai, 7038 Lucas Road Schedule 34


Samuel Che Hang Wong, 7511 Lucas Road Schedule 35


Samson Che Yuen Wong, 7531 Lucas Road Schedule 36


Eddie Yun Wah Lee, 7551 Lucas Road Schedule 37


E. and C. Madey, 7240 Lucas Road Schedule 38


Hou Tse-Ching, 7331 Lucas Road Schedule 39


Villa Developments Limited, 7140 Lucas Road Schedule 40


James Wensink, 7160 Lucas Road Schedule 41


Irene King, 811 W. 26th Avenue, Vancouver (7200 Lucas Road) Schedule 42


Tse Choi Leung, 7831 Lucas Road Schedule 43


Submissions from the floor:




It was moved and seconded


That Zoning Amendment Bylaw 7232 be given second and third readings.




It was moved and seconded


That Zoning Amendment Bylaw 7232 be adopted.




(20471, 20491, 20511, 20531, 20551, 20571, 20591 Westminster Highway; Applicant: Kabel Atwall)

Applicants Comments:


Mr. Atwall, on behalf of Richberry Farms, stated that the registration of the covenant was anticipated to take place in the next day or so.


Written Submissions:




Submissions from the floor:




It was moved and seconded


That Zoning Amendment Bylaw 7235 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 7236 be given second and third readings.




Opposed: Acting Mayor Barnes
Councillor Steves

(12831 No. 4 Road; Applicant: Stefan Wiedemann)

Applicants Comments:


Mr. Wiedemann, Architect, accompanied by Ms. Karls, owner, provided a photograph of the past and current sign posted on the property. Mr. Wiedemann stated that the intended use of the property was the rearing of horses. Information was provided on the siting of the property with the note that the current proposal allowed maximum usage of the available agricultural land.


Mr. Wiedemann reviewed various aspects of the project, including: i) the landscape plan; ii) the building materials; iii) the high pressure sewer line; and iv) the property the Karls intended to deed to the City upon approval of the application.


Written Submissions:


Arlene Hewitt, 9-11020 No. 1 Road and Kevin Craig, 9822 Dyke Road Schedule 44


Mervyn and Linda Louis, 9351 Bashuk Place Schedule 45


Sheila Lazarus, Suite 304 8880 No. 1 Road Schedule 46


the Dwanes 8340 Finn Road Schedule 47


Geoff Hartman, 10771 Dennis Crescent Schedule 48


Joan Krejberg, 11531 Lapwing Crescent Schedule 49


Terrance Richardson Schedule 50


Submission by Roy Galowan 250 petition letters in opposition to the issuance of the Permit. A sample of the letters is attached; the remainder are on file in the City Clerks office Schedule 51


Submissions from the floor:


Ray and Margaret Galowan, 11500 No. 4 Road. Mr. Galowan noted his familys history of farming in Richmond. Mr. Galowan had several concerns about the 50m setback requirement and the enforcement thereof.


Mr. Galowan made numerous references to information contained in the staff report as he noted that the subject property had been farmed up to October 2000 and also that the subject property was classed AG1 which meant that the soil quality was the best in the world.


Mr. Galowan stated his objections to i) the layout of the site including the location of the house; ii) the illegal dumping that had taken place on the subject property; and iii) the quality of the soil that had been brought to the site. Mr. Galowan provided photographs, attached as Schedule 52, of the illegal fill.


Mr. Graham Price, 9460 Finn Road, stated that he was concerned about two things: I) the term unique being applied to the subject property, and ii) the precedent that would be set if the application was approved. Mr. Price stated that each of the lots on Finn Road had Finn Road frontages with 50m setback requirements. A map was provided to identify which area residents were in support of and opposed to the application, and Mr. Price suggested that this proposal, if approved, would set a precedent for other similar roadway requests on agricultural land.


Mr. Price suggested that there was plenty of room to build a house within the 50 metre setback along No. 4 Road, even with the 15 metre right-of-way that bisects the property.


Mr. Price stated that he had attended the Land Reserve Commission office and was informed that the soil quality of the subject property was among the best in Canada.


Mr. Price expressed concern that a development consultant was retained by the Karls, noting that he would have thought an agricultural or equestrian consultant more appropriate.


Concern was also expressed regarding the integrity of the letters of support that had been received; Mr. Price thought that any letter of support that did not contain reference to the 260m setback should be discarded.


Mr. Price concluded by stating that i) this was a totally unreasonable setback request; ii) illegal dumping had taken place; iii) the signage had been misleading, and that iv) false and misleading information had been provided.


Mr. Don Smith, 10271 Dennis Crescent, expressed concern that this was a real estate development. He thought that the agricultural viability of the land was destroyed by the illegal dumping and that the Planning Department should not have ever considered this application.


Mr. Huovinen, 9451 Finn Road, asked whether the illegally dumped material was sitting on the high pressure line and whether any compacting of the line had taken place. Mr. Huovinen was opposed to the application as he thought the application was in direct contravention of the bylaws and set an unwelcome precedent.


Ms. Hazel Oleksiew, 9371 Finn Road, said that she has grown up in this farming area and that she loved its quiet peacefulness. She thought that the proposal would hurt Richmond and have a negative affect on farm land.


Mr. Oleksiew, 9371 Finn Road, stated that it would be hard to farm land that had so many berms. He felt that the fill should be removed and the land retained as farmland with the house built along the road. Mr. Oleksiew said he was concerned that a precedent would be set if the application was approved.


Mr. Dagnault, 8435, stated that he had been retained by Mrs. Karls in respect to this application. Mr. Dagnault spoke to many of the issues raised by the preceding speakers, and stated that he took exception to many negative comments that had been made regarding the intent of the Karls and others associated with the proposal, himself included Mr. Dagnault stated that it was always the Karls intent to follow the rules and regulations of the City and that most of the issue brought up by other speakers did not pertain to the setback variance. He emphasized that the road did not detrimentally affect the intended use of the agricultural land.


Mr. Wiedemann stated that it was always the Karls intent that an agribusiness be undertaken. The layout of the property, as proposed, was, he felt, conducive to the proposed intent.


Mr. Price, speaking for the second time, provided information on the implications of the wind direction at certain times of the year.


It was moved and seconded


That the issuance of a Development Variance Permit (DV 00-184600) to vary the maximum setback in the Agricultural District (AG1) from 50m to 260m from No. 4 Road in order to permit the construction of a new single-family dwelling outside and east of the Woodward Slough Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA), BE DENIED.





It was moved and seconded


That the meeting adjourn (10:10 p.m.).




Certified a true and correct copy of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting for Public Hearings of the City of Richmond held on Monday, June 18, 2001.



Acting Mayor (Linda Barnes)

Acting City Clerk (David Weber)

07.16.04 14:39