Public Hearing Minutes - May 22, 2001


Tuesday, May 22, 2001



Council Chambers

Richmond City Hall

6911 No. 3 Road


Councillor Derek Dang - Acting Mayor

Councillor Linda Barnes

Councillor Malcolm Brodie

Councillor Lyn Greenhill

Councillor Kiichi Kumagai

Councillor Bill McNulty

Councillor Harold Steves

David Weber, Acting City Clerk


Mayor Greg Halsey-Brandt

Councillor Ken Johnston

Call to Order:

Acting Mayor Dang opened the proceedings at 7:00 p.m.

1. ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW 7200 (RZ 00-175758)

(4591 No. 5 Road; Applicant: Dava Developments)

Applicants Comments:

Mr. David Chung, Dava Developments, gave a brief history of the process thus far which included the traffic and parking concerns expressed by area residents. Mr. Chung said that it was his understanding that area residents would prefer that the Deerfield lots have front garages and driveways that access directly onto Deerfield as opposed to rear access onto the lane. Mr. Chung noted that the lots were wide enough to accommodate this and that he had no problem with making the change.

Written Submissions:

Mr. Patrick Li - 4760 Deerfield Crescent - Schedule 1.

Ms. Dorothy West - 4811 Deerfield Crescent - Schedule 2.

Mr. and Mrs. D. Harder - 4740 Deerfield Crescent - Schedule 3.

Submissions from the floor:

Mr. Kumar, 4551 No. 5 Road, was concerned about the effect the lane would have on the value and saleability of his home and also on his privacy. Mr. Kumar was very disappointed with the intent of the back lane policy if it meant that he would lose a part of his garden and driveway. It was requested that the lot provided for the temporary lane be the centre of the No. 5 Road lots.

Ms. Shireen Kennedy, 4620 Deerfield Crescent, was opposed to the additional parking, and said that she would prefer that there be three lots on No. 5 Road and three lots on Deerfield. Ms. Kennedy suggested that if the No. 5 Road lots had direct access onto No. 5 Road, utilizing turn-around driveways, that congestion on Dewsbury could be prevented. Ms. Kennedy was also concerned about the devaluation of her property.

Mr. Kumar, noting that his lot was 170 ft. deep, questioned the proposed setbacks and the effect the proposed setback for the lot adjacent to his property would have on his lot.

Mr. Chung explained the rationale for the bend in the lane and also the selection process for the temporary lane access lot. Mr. Chung had no objection to the centre No. 5 Road lot being the temporary lane lot. Mr. Chung pointed out that visitors to the houses on No. 5 Road would have no direct pedestrian access from Deerfield. Mr. Chung reiterated that he was open to the views of the area residents on the issue of driveways and garages being in the front or back of the properties.


It was moved and seconded

That Zoning Amendment Bylaw 7200 be given second and third readings.

Prior to the question being called a discussion took place on the possible relocation of the temporary lane access lot as a result of which direction was given to staff that the temporary lane access lot be relocated one lot south of its current proposed location.

The question was then called on Resolution No. PH05-01 and it was CARRIED with Councillor Greenhill OPPOSED.

2. ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW 7221 (RZ 01-115083)

(7860 Bennett Road; Applicant: Lawrence Construction Ltd.)

Applicants Comments:

Not present.

Written Submissions:

Wai Ki Wong, 7940 Bennett Road - Schedule 4.

Robert J. and Robyn Dykes - Bennett Road - Schedule 5.

R. Bodnar and N. Miller - 7800 Bennett Road - Schedule 6.

R. Bromley - Bennett Road - Schedule 7.

R. Himantog - 7720 Bennett Road - Schedule 8.

J. Dong - 7760 Bennett Road - Schedule 9.

Bennett Road resident - Schedule 10.

Submissions from the floor:



It was moved and seconded

That Zoning Amendment Bylaw 7221 be given second and third readings.



(12831 No. 4 Road; Applicant: Stefan Wiedemann)

Applicants Comments:

Stefan Weidemann, 4643 Blenheim Street, architect, accompanied by Ms. Karls, owner, stated the proposed intended uses of the property were animal husbandry, residential, and leased agricultural land. Mr. Wiedemann said the site was unique as it fronted on two roads, Finn and No. 4, with the Woodwards Slough running between Finn Road and the subject property. It was noted that the original proposal for the residence had the residence set back 50 feet back from the Environmentally Sensitive Area with a bridge crossing Finn Road. The siting of the house had been further hampered by the location of high pressure sewer pipes on the subject property. The current proposal had the residence clustering with other area residences which in turn allowed for the agricultural land on the No. 4 Road side to be left in keeping with the agricultural land across No. 4 Road.

Mr. Wiedemann displayed the landscape plan for the property and explained that a soft landscape treatment was intended with a rolling berm providing screening from the road. A stand of indigenous vegetation, wild grasses and flowers and a naturally edged filtration pond were also noted.

The landscaping was to be brought to the building edge. A craftsman style architecture was intended for the building which would utilize natural materials thereby creating a soft structure. A stepped approach allowed for a lower profile on the landscape.

Mr. Wiedemann concluded by noting that the owners were willing to allow a covenant to be registered on the ESA, which would be intensively landscaped and maintained area, and were also willing to deed a significant portion of land within their property to the City.

Written Submissions:

Kevin Craig and Arlene Hewitt, 9822 Dyke Road - Schedule 11.

Linda A. English, 13751 Garden City Road - Schedule 12.

Charles Hunter, 8655 Jones Road - Schedule 13.

Roy Taylor, 10311 Scotsdale Avenue - Schedule 14.

Amanda Atkinson & Jason Yurchak, 5611 Blundell Road - Schedule 15.

Diane Schibild, 123 - 7453 Moffatt Road - Schedule 16.

Macky & Shelley Morris, 302 - 7600 Moffatt Road - Schedule 17.

Bob Winograd, 5277 Hollycroft Drive - Schedule 18.

Alan R. Nedelak, 13500 No. 4 Road - Schedule 19.

Bruce & Kathy Anstey, 9871 Finn Road - Schedule 20.

Len & Stephanie Sonnenberg, 9791 Finn Road - Schedule 21.

Laurie & Cathy Wozny, 9711 Finn Road - Schedule 22.

Cheryl & Joe Wozny, 13511 No. 4 Road - Schedule 23.

Isser Rogowski, 13800 No. 3 Road - Schedule 24.

Maureen Ilich, 12911 No. 3 Road - Schedule 25.

Trevor Graham, 13671 No. 3 Road - Schedule 26.

The Hols, 12400 No. 3 Road - Schedule 27.

Murray G. Dunlop, 13840 Mayfield Place - Schedule 28.

Monika Marlowe, 213 - 8740 Citation Drive - Schedule 29.

Ian Burroughs, 9940 Gilhurst Crescent - Schedule 30.

Dominique Hookstra, 9940 Gilhurst Crescent - Schedule 31.

Ken & Vivian Rosenberg, Defoe Street - Schedule 32.

Linda & Merv Louis, Bashuk Place - Schedule 33.

Laurence Segal, 13251 No. 4 Road - Schedule 34.

Submissions from the floor:

Mr. Graeme Price, 9460 Finn Road, had a number of concerns about the proposed development. After mentioning the increase in mosquitoes that the pond would incur, Mr. Price said that he had noticed a discrepancy between the sign on site, which he felt to be misleading, and the notice in the newspaper. Mr. Price thought that the proposed road on the subject property was a waste of agricultural farmland and that he felt that the buildings should be located on the No. 4 Road edge of the property.


It was moved and seconded

That the matter be referred to the Public Hearing scheduled for June 18, 2001 in Council Chambers, at 7:00 p.m., in order that time be allowed for the applicant to place a new sign on the property that evidenced the current proposal.

Prior to the question being called a discussion took place during which the following directions were given to staff:


That clarification be provided as to the delineation point of the 260 metre setback requested.


That information be provided on the information contained on the original sign.


That information be provided as to whether the applicant should have received instruction from staff.


That a map or diagram which identified requested setbacks be included on the notice sign.


That a copy of the photograph of the sign, and any changes, be provided in the agenda packages.

The question was then called on Resolution No. PH05-03 and it was CARRIED.


It was moved and seconded

That the meeting adjourn (8:40 p.m.).




Certified a true and correct copy of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting for Public Hearings of the City of Richmond held on Tuesday, May 22, 2001.



Acting Mayor (Derek Dang)

Acting City Clerk (David Weber)

07.16.04 14:34