March 6, 2017 - Agenda

City of Richmond Meeting Agenda

General Purposes Committee 

Anderson Room, City Hall
6911 No. 3 Road

Monday, March 6, 2017
4:00 p.m.

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Motion to adopt the minutes of the meeting of the General Purposes Committee held on February 20, 2017.









Natalie Meixner, President and CEO, Richmond Hospital Foundation, Kyle Shury, Chair of the Board of Directors and, Dr. Ken Poon, Head of Surgery, Richmond Hospital, to speak on the continued need for a new Acute Care Tower at Richmond Hospital.






Short-term Rentals - Proposed Bylaws and Options
(File Ref. No. 03-0900-01) (REDMS No. 5324334 v. 8)



See Page GP-19 for full report



Designated Speaker:  Cecilia Achiam






In respect to bed and breakfast (“B&B”) uses in single-family and agricultural zones, implementing a distance buffer between B&B establishments and to the enhanced enforcement of such short-term rental regulation:




That Official Community Plan Bylaw 9000, Amendment Bylaw 9691, which amends Official Community Plan Bylaw 9000 by adding a provision for a 500 meter buffer between B&B establishments be introduced and given first reading;




That Bylaw 9691, having been considered in conjunction with:





the City’s financial plan and capital program; and





the Greater Vancouver Regional District Solid Waste and Liquid Waste Management Plans;




is hereby found to be consistent with said program and plans in accordance with section 477(3)(a) of the Local Government Act;




That Bylaw 9691 be sent to the Agricultural Land Commission for comment;




That Bylaw 9691, having been considered in accordance with section 475 of the Local Government Act and the City’s Official Community Plan Bylaw Preparation Consultation Policy 5043, is found not to require further consultation;




That Richmond Zoning Bylaw 8500, Amendment Bylaw 9647 to amend definitions, be introduced and given first reading;




That Richmond Zoning Bylaw 8500, Amendment Bylaw 9692 to require a distance buffer between B&Bs, be introduced and given first reading;




To incorporate enhanced business licencing requirements and increase fees and penalties, that:





Business Regulation Bylaw No. 7538, Amendment Bylaw No. 9649;





Business Licence Bylaw No. 7360, Amendment Bylaw No. 9650;





Municipal Ticket Information Authorization Bylaw No. 7321, Amendment Bylaw No. 9651; and





Consolidation Fees Bylaw No. 8636, Amendment Bylaw No. 9652;




each be introduced and given first, second and third readings;




That the proposed communication plan described in Attachment 12 of this report explaining the proposed changes (identified in the above recommendation) to the short-term rental regulations be endorsed; and









the information regarding tax requirements including whether a hotel tax should apply to short-term rentals provided in this report be received for information; and





staff be directed to engage the Province of British Columbia to discuss regulatory changes to the Provincial Sales Tax in regards to the Municipal and Regional District Tax, including the definition of accommodation providers; and




That staff conduct a one-year review of the City’s proposed short-term rental regulation and report back to Council.