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2003 Agendas & Minutes

General Purposes Committee Meeting Minutes - December 15, 2003



General Purposes Committee





Monday, December 15th, 2003


Anderson Room
Richmond City Hall


Mayor Malcolm D. Brodie, Chair
Councillor Linda Barnes
Councillor Derek Dang
Councillor Evelina Halsey-Brandt
Councillor Sue Halsey-Brandt
Councillor Rob Howard 4:38 p.m.
Councillor Kiichi Kumagai
Councillor Bill McNulty
Councillor Harold Steves

Call to Order:

The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.










It was moved and seconded



That the minutes of the meeting of the General Purposes Committee held on Wednesday, December 10th, 2003 be adopted as circulated.












(Report:  Dec. 11/03, File No.:  4060-05-03 ) (REDMS No. 1102673, 1105164, 1102944, 1104558)



The General Manager, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, Cathy Volkering-Carlile, introduced Mr. Don Wuori, Principal, Don Wuori Design Consultant, and Mr. Michael von Hausen, President, MVH Urban Planning & Design Inc.  Ms. Volkering-Carlile said that recommendation contained in the report included an endorsement of the proposed vision and an authorization to prepare an amendment to the area plan which would allow for the next level of public debate.



Mr. Don Wuori then used four illustrative boards to present the preferred vision and the results of the survey.



Discussion then ensued that included the following points:



further information was requested regarding the open house feedback received;



that the vision could change the makeup of Steveston village and/or create a second village;



a signature restaurant over the water lot was favoured by staff due to the revenue created;



the vision was cluttered;



the location of specific elements within the vision was flexible;



the Performing Arts Centre and library had been taken out of the vision and would be considered in the Parks Master Plan and corporate planning processes.



a review of the information distributed by Cllr. Steves a copy of which is on file in the City Clerks Office;



a review, by the Manager, Policy Planning, Terry Crowe, of the process that had led to the alternative visions for the site being prepared and also the opportunity that was now presented of either verifying the existing plan and zoning vision, or choosing another vision;



the new proposal was vibrant and exciting and provided an option for paying for some of the public amenities (wharves, docks and green space);



the types of commercial/retail uses that would be allowed would predominantly deal with the fishing industry;



the commercial and residential space contained in the vision could be modified to allow more open space;



comment provided by Mr. Wozny that indicated that industrial supply and demand had not been investigated.  Mr. Wozny also said that he thought it could prove difficult to fill industrial space with residential above meaning that the residential would have to be well done to offset the lower industrial revenue.  The Mayor responded that the primary function was industrial which could be aided by residential;



the green space and parkland contained in the existing 1998 area plan vision should be retained;



the enforcement issues of maintaining the MMU;



a request that a plastic overlay of the proposed vision should be layed over the Onni proposal to show where the City would gain amenity space, where open space may be lost, and where building and use changes would occur.



a question as to whether the vision complemented or detracted from the City's Greenways program and the existing Steveston Waterfront area plan vision;



the conceptual look that had been taken at parking.  The parking was indicated to be sufficiently provided to accommodate the development.



At this point the Chair called for a recess of the meeting which was then scheduled to resume at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 16th, 2003 in the Anderson Room, at which time delegations from the public would be heard.



The meeting re-convened on Tuesday, December 16th, 2003 at 4:00 p.m.



Mayor Brodie provided a brief summary of points put forth at the previous session of the meeting and then opened the meeting to public comment.



Mr. Bob Ransford, 5071 Steveston Highway, said that he had been a member of the original citizens working group that had drafted options for the BC Packers site, and that the development of the lands had invoked a vigorous debate within the community.  Mr. Ransford felt that todays discussion should be brought back to the fundamental issues and he spoke about the original vision for the waterfront, the reason for the Maritime Mixed Use designation and the reason for placing residential space above light industrial.  Mr. Ransford said that he did not understand how the proposed vision got out of dealing with the applicable uses, and he questioned the viability of the new vision on the waterfront.  Mr. Ransford also expressed concern that a closed meeting had been held during which a transfer of density had been discussed.



Mr. Ransford then spoke about the proposed vision being radically different than the adopted vision statement and also said it was a huge departure from the adopted planning principles.  After questioning what would happen east of Phoenix Pond, and to the Phoenix Net Loft, Mr. Ransford spoke about the tram line not being included in the new plan.  Mr. Ransford concluded his comments by noting the long public process that had resulted in the current plan, and the short public process of the new vision.



Ms. J. Turner said that Mr. Ransford had done a good job of outlining the work of the original committee, after which she spoke about the need for free access for the disabled on the promenade, which would be impeded by buildings and roads.  Ms. Turner also spoke about the possible retail fish market including how the market would be policed and the possibility that access from the river could result in drugs being offloaded.



Ms. G. Nichols, a Britannia resident, expressed her concern about i) the lack of public notice for the new vision; ii) commercial buildings being located over the water; and, iii) the lack of sufficient space for a tram line, a road, and the number of pedestrians in the area.



Ms. T. Chan, 4600 Westwater Drive, indicated that a letter had been submitted to the City on behalf of the residents of Copper Sky East, which outlined their opinions about the tram and the proposed development on the water at Imperial Landing.  Ms. Chan spoke about lack of proper notice for the open houses that were held, and her disappointment that no provision for receiving feedback had been made.



Mr. S. Matthews, 4600 Westwater Drive, said that although the Manager, Policy Planning, Terry Crowe had done a fabulous job of presenting the 3 proposals, the tram proposal had been a shock.  Mr. Matthews was not in favour of either of the two routes proposed for the tram.  Mr. Matthews also expressed concern about the health and safety issues associated with a busy boardwalk and the governance over the waterway.



Cllr. Howard joined the meeting 4:38 p.m.



Mr. B. Plato, 6260 Riverdale Drive, a representative of the Pacific Sail Training Association, spoke about the Steveston Harbour having been a commercial harbour since 1879, and offered the opinion that the new vision destroyed a legacy that was over 100 years old.  Mr. Plato thought that the Maritime Mixed Use zone should be preserved.  Mr. Plato also spoke about a proposal he had submitted for use of the Phoenix Net Loft, and he asked for feedback on the proposal.



Mr. Mark Thompson, provided and spoke to a written submission, a copy of which is attached as Schedule 1 and forms a part of these minutes.



Mr. G. Kibble, said that he had been a part of Steveston for over 40 years and that he did not like the new vision.  Mr. Kibble spoke about the Home Port strategy that had been adopted by the City, and said that he felt that the Maritime Mixed Use area should be kept as intact as possible and be limited to two storey.  Mr. Kibble referred to the City's Trail Strategy and its reference to the interpretation of working river and marine life, and said that if the area were to be developed with residential there would not be much left for interpretation.



As a member of the Steveston Interurban Restoration Society Mr. Kibble expressed his concern that he had heard several comments of which the Society had not been informed.  In response Mayor Brodie asked that staff attend the next meeting of the society.



Mr. Barry Rauten, distributed and spoke to a submission that identified his vision of the Imperial Landing site, a copy of which is attached as Schedule 2 and forms a part of these minutes.  Mr. Rauten was of the opinion that the Performing Arts Cultural Centre would be better located on the lot at Moncton St. and Easthope Avenue.  It was also felt that the vision was cluttered and did not address the real issues of the history and heritage of cannery row.  Mr. Rauten said that the Imperial Cannery should be rebuilt for use as a public market and the docks rebuilt for use as fish market/cannery.  Mr. Rauten also said that his company had proposed the design and build of a hotel at the west end of the site.



Discussion then ensued among Committee members and staff that included the following:




if the uses or densities for the area were to be substantially changed in the Official Community Plan, Onni Developments could continue their proposal under the current zoning as long as the proposal conformed to the applicable design guidelines;




if the Maritime Mixed Use zone were to be amended to provide clarity any existing development would enjoy a non-conforming use status, but new development would be bound by the new zone requirements;




the need for further definition and quantification of the marine related proportion of MMU businesses;




the needs of the commercial fishing industry and the viability of the commercial fishing fleet;




the timing issues involved in the process; and




the suggestion that a fish auction be located at Paramount Pond.



Cllr. Barnes left the meeting during the above discussion 6:00 p.m.



As a result of the discussion the following referral motion was introduced:



It was moved and seconded



That the report Feedback Imperial Landing Open Houses (dated December 11, 2003 from the General Manager, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services) be referred to staff for further consideration of the following:




comment on the viability of the fishing industry;




assess the viability of the MMU;




assess the current need for industrial uses related to the Maritime industry;




review the maximum residential and/or commercial density wanted in the area;




identify the basic concept of the harbour as being commercial, pleasure or a combination thereof;




examine the current definition of Maritime Mixed Use;




review the enforcement implications of the current Maritime Mixed Use definition;




identify the Maritime Mixed Use designations of Granville Island; and,




on the Onni proposal show how the .5 acre of City public parking is to be provided;




confirm that public access agreements will be required for the Onni proposal and any other proposal;




clarify the status of the 25,000 sq. ft. of community space contained in the 1998 area plan vision for the site;




show the full Imperial landing waterfront vision and map including possible tram routes and the Phoenix Net Loft;




keep green and open spaces;




keep the openness to the water;




identify the public amenities contained in the proposed vision;




describe the cantilevered walkway;




review whether or not residential uses in the MMU area would be better located in one building closer to No. 1 Road.




consult with Onni regarding their position;




consult with the Steveston Harbour Authority;




consult with other stakeholders;



Prior to the question being called direction was given:





that a report indicating the extend of the work and the proposed timeline for completing the report be provided by February 15th, 2004;





that a memorandum be provided on the refining of the Maritime Mixed use definition; and





that discussion be undertaken with Onni as to their intent regarding their Development Permit application.



Cllr. Dang left the meeting 6:10 p.m. during the above discussion.



Cllr. S. Halsey-Brandt left the meeting 6:12 p.m. during the above discussion.


The question was then called and it was CARRIED.





The Chair called a brief recess 6:20 p.m.  The meeting resumed at 6:24.





(Report:  Dec. 4/03, File No.:  7400-20-RQAC1) (REDMS No. 1099552, 1080676, 1080847)



The Director, Parks, Dave Semple, was present.



A brief discussion ensued among Committee members and Mr. Semple that included the following:




the source of funds would be provided by the Council Provision account or any casino surpluses from 2003;




that the Pioneer Tea should be expanded;




that sponsorships would reduce the overall costs;




a suggestion that the celebration be contained to a logo and a birthday party event to which seniors and pioneers would be invited; and




a suggestion that 125 Redwood Trees be planted in the NW quadrant.



At this point the Chair suggested that the items contained in Attachment 1 of the report be reviewed, as a result of which:



It was moved and seconded




That staff address the expanded celebration opportunities for Richmond's 125th Anniversary as follows:





Develop information package proceed as indicated;





Creation of a Richmond 125 Logo more information to be provided;





Provide community instructions on how to be recognized as a 125th event proceed as indicated;





Develop poster delete;





City of Richmond Festival Float refer to the Grants Committee;





Class A Sailing Ship Visit a special report to be provided;





Dedication and Opening of Community Garden on South Dyke proceed as indicated;





Re-enactment of the first Council meeting from November 10, 1879 and pioneer tea ceremony proceed as indicated;





Historic Re-enactment delete;





Gateway Theatre 20th Anniversary Event proceed as indicated;





Waterfront Festival Celebration a report is to be provided;





Richmond Orchestra a report is to be provided;





Opening of new Garden City Community Park proceed as indicated;





The dedication of one public art initiative proceed as indicated;





The sponsorship of 125 trees identify if there is community group interest;





Volunteer Recognition proceed as indicated;





125 Years of Arts and Events in Richmond Publication refer to Museum staff for update.










It was moved and seconded



That the meeting adjourn (6:44 p.m.).








Certified a true and correct copy of the Minutes of the meeting of the General Purposes Committee of the Council of the City of Richmond held on Monday, December 15th, 2003.



Mayor Malcolm D. Brodie

Deb MacLennan
Administrative Assistant



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