April 3, 2017 - Minutes (Special)

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City of Richmond Meeting Minutes


Special Council

Monday, April 3, 2017


Anderson Room
Richmond City Hall


Mayor Malcolm D. Brodie
Councillor Chak Au
Councillor Derek Dang
Councillor Carol Day
Councillor Ken Johnston
Councillor Alexa Loo
Councillor Bill McNulty
Councillor Linda McPhail
Councillor Harold Steves

Corporate Officer – David Weber

Call to Order:

Mayor Brodie called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.






Chauffeur's Permit Appeal – Mr. Mohammad A. Mohsin
(File Ref. No.: 12-8275-02 ) (REDMS No. 5341657)



Sergeant Rob Quilley, NCO i/c Traffic Services, Richmond RCMP, stated that he was unable to provide Council with any further details other than what was submitted on his report as the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) have an ongoing investigation on Mr. Mohsin and the case is pending court proceedings. 



Sgt. Quilley advised that a screening process, which includes a criminal record check, is undertaken as part of any chauffeur’s permit renewal; in this instance, Sgt. Quilley found that Mr. Mohsin was charged with drug trafficking in 2016 by the Vancouver Police Department.  



Sgt. Quilley reviewed the information found in the VPD file, and the following was noted:




the file involved two locations, one of which was a store in Vancouver where Mr. Mohsin worked;




the store where Mr. Mohsin was employed appears to be primarily a front to traffic narcotics;




the VPD conducted a series of search warrants including one at the business where Mr. Mohsin was employed;




Mr. Mohsin was present in the store when the warrant was executed and it is noted that Mr. Mohsin was allegedly involved in the sale of narcotics from this business; and




large amounts of packaged (for sale) heroin (laced with Fentanyl), rock cocaine and powdered cocaine were recovered during the search of this business.



Sgt. Quilley concluded by stating that Mr. Mohsin has very serious outstanding charges of drug trafficking and therefore, Mr. Mohsin’s chauffeur’s permit was denied based on the criteria for refusal: charges with any serious, violent criminal offence or drug trafficking.



In reply to a query from the Mayor, Sgt. Quilley advised that once Mr. Mohsin’s outstanding charges have been dealt with in court, he may re-apply for a chauffeur’s permit.



Mohammad A. Mohsin, applicant for a Chauffeur’s Permit appeared before Council and acknowledged the drug trafficking charges laid against him, stating that he made a mistake.  Mr. Mohsin stated that he was looking to make extra money to support his family.  Also, he remarked that in the seven years he has lived in Canada, this is the first mistake he has made. 



Mr. Mohsin stated that he needs to work to support his family.  He stated that he will face the charges against him in court, but pleaded that he be given a chauffeur’s permit so that he may continue to work.  Mr. Mohsin advised that he is his family’s only source of income as his wife does not work due to medical reasons.



In reply to a query from Council, Mr. Mohsin stated that he was working at the business in Vancouver to generate extra income to support his family but he was not involved with other activities taking place at the store.




Cllr. Johnston left the meeting (4:09 p.m.) and returned (4:10 p.m.)



Mayor Brodie then advised Mr. Mohsin that he may pose questions to Sgt. Quilley.  Mr. Mohsin stated that he did not have any questions for Sgt. Quilley.



In reply to a query from Council, Mr. Mohsin stated that he can get work driving a taxi cab only if he has a chauffeur’s permit. 



In response to a further query from Council, Sgt. Quilley remarked that one to two years is the average time before a case is first seen by the court; he noted that this can vary depending on the complexity of the case.



It was moved and seconded



That the RCMP’s denial of a Chauffeur’s Permit to Mr. Mohammad A. Mohsin be upheld.



The question on Resolution SP17/1-1 was not called as members of Council provided their rationale in support of upholding the RCMP’s decision.  It was noted that (i) Mr. Mohsin may re-apply for a chauffeur’s permit once his outstanding charges have been dealt with in court, (ii) public safety is paramount and drug trafficking charges are very serious, and (iii) grounds for refusal of a chauffeur’s permit are clear, and Mr. Mohsin has been denied by the RCMP based on his being charged with drug trafficking.



The question on Resolution SP17/1-1 was then called and it was CARRIED.






It was moved and seconded



That the meeting adjourn (4:16 p.m.).





Certified a true and correct copy of the Minutes of the Special meeting of the Council of the City of Richmond held on Monday, April 3, 2017.



Mayor (Malcolm D. Brodie)

Corporate Officer (David Weber)