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Community Safety Committee

May 1, 2023 - Agenda (Special)

City of Richmond Meeting Agenda


Special Community Safety Committee

Electronic Meeting


Council Chambers, City Hall
6911 No. 3 Road

Monday, May 1, 2023
Immediately following the Open Finance Committee meeting



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Richmond City Council will need to address questions related to the lease of the Alderbridge Modular Housing project (“Alderbridge”) on city-owned land, now set to expire in 2024; and




There are many complex questions to investigate regarding this project and activities in the surrounding area;



Therefore be it resolved:




staff investigate and report back to closed or open General Purposes Committee on matters related to Alderbridge including:





the range of housing options on the continuum and whether other options may better support Alderbridge residents who wish to progress to other models of housing wherever located;





the effectiveness of the current operator of Alderbridge, the remaining length of the term of the lease and statistics on the success of the recovery/housing journey of past and present residents;





the adequacy, availability and overall effectiveness of the supports for Alderbridge residents and whether the approach to those residents with drug addictions is appropriate;




RCMP and staff investigate and report statistics on calls for service from various departments during the tenure of the Alderbridge lease including the amount and type of crime in the area as well as a comparison with other communities with modular housing complexes similar to Alderbridge;




VCH Medical Health Officer be invited to present an update including:





number of overdose deaths in Richmond;





how the Province is implementing the “health care first” approach  after decriminalization of illicit drugs; and





number of overdoses are occurring in residential homes compared to those on the street or in modular housing.











4/21/2023 4:19:47 PM